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Clinker and Cement:

The beginning and end purpose of our existence.

CEMCO Cement Trading seats on a solid foundation built primarily with clinker and cement, while relentless work, dedication, effort, and surrender complete our fundamental values.

Founded from scratch as a fully independent trading firm, out of reach by multinational sphere, without any external or political influence but exclusively oriented to meet customer’s interest and goals, with a well-defined flawless trend system, interference free. With a fully dedicated self-learning and independent spirit, we have been able to preserve same character ever since till nowadays.



Focusing our expertise on the product and not limited by its end use, CEMCO has always maintained its core vocation towards the cement industry, up and downstream, either supplying raw materials and cementitious to cement manufacturers or shipping out finished products from them to all over the world.

Anytime, anywhere


A third essential cornerstone in our activity, steadily growing throughout the years, by solid relationships developed with strategic partners and extending a network of import operations in different parts of the globe. We invite you to share your project and work together to launch it, with efficiency and best solutions for a long-term sustainable and profitable business and, why not, potential partnership. Let us talk about it!


With a firm commitment towards civil engineering, wherever it takes place, from medium to large scale, anywhere CEMCO can be of service and face a competitive challenge, in which our participation can contribute to any sort of improvement, offering efficient solutions to contractors. With a vast experience in the supply of cement and other materials to projects all over the world, to name a few: Ponte Vasco De Gama (Lisbon, Portugal), Oresund Link in Denmark-Sweden,  Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong, the Itaipu Binational Dams between Brazil and Paraguay,  Karameh Dam in Jordan or Tichi  Haf, Beni Arum and Beni  Amrane in Algeria, CEMCO strives to achieve new goals and commitment with a participation in some of the most renowned projects to be built in the 21st century.


Without losing sight of any essential: adequate product, delivery lead time and planned schedule, in all market conditions, prevailing customer’s needs, accurate shipping and port operations, all require a 24/7 dedication toll and knowledge of all stages throughout the supply chain. Everything adds up and counts. No loose end left or missing.

That is why at CEMCO we are fully committed to resolve our customers concerns. That is why we also carry out specific studies and consulting job, aimed at improving the required conditions which our customers need for their specific procurement of raw materials or finished products.

From an import terminal to the erection of blending station or grinding mill, we will likely offer a right choice meeting your needs. Once the most suitable design has been approached according to your specific needs, after preliminary screening, thanks to our existing relationship with renowned engineering firms and equipment manufacturers, through layout, design, manufacture, shipping and installation, on EPC basis, we offer to our business partners a complete solution for every specific purpose.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence, accessible from our influence across widespread geographical locations, as well as specialized services providers, plays a key role and adds a high value for each case study and decision making.

Reputation is, without a doubt, the value that we attach the greatest importance to, on top and over any other, a solidly crafted mark sealed throughout so many years. Sustained at first instance by clients and suppliers, records are also provided by rating services providers like Duns  (www.dnb.com) D.U.N.S. nº 863193103, eInforma (www.einforma.com), specialized in the maritime industry such as Infospectrum  (www.infospectrum.net),) or other international credit reporting agencies. We invite you to know us further. If you have not done yet, we invite you, background and references are available upon request. Just fill in the form in the website and let us know your concerns.

Our Clients

We have worked with renowned names. From hotels, offices and personal homes, we have worked with clients from all backgrounds.