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A lifetime dedicated to cement trading, we just need your trust and you will find here a one-stop-shop for all your cement needs, whether you are a manufacturer, builder, distributor, importer,… we offer customized solutions to all your needs. Specific product requirements, sea transportation to destination, viable options according to your prospects, technical solutions… Either cement, raw materials or any cementitious. Just contact us. We are pretty sure you will find an answer to your question. A solution to your uncertainty. And most importantly, always professional and competitive. Let us reach your nearest shore and just focus in your daily routine



Understanding customers’ demands and aware of always existing concerns in an always growing business activity, identifying bottlenecks and constraints, from quarrying, inland transportation and logistics, production, handling, port operations and shipping until end use of every raw materials, by-product or finished products. Comprehensive understanding learnt through the years, allowing a punctual attendance at every stage in the supply chain, even well before the manufacture of products and delivery to destination ready for use. All the way back and forth.


Mining – Quarrying – Manufacturing – Logistics – Port handling – Shipping cargo – Steaming – Unloading – Port handling – Multimodal transportation – Storage – Distribution or Integration in the supply chain.

Whether at any stage of production, supply of raw materials or semi-products, door-to-door logistics and commercial management, we offer adapted solutions as one-stop-shop.

Seaborne transportation is an essential value of our expertise and achievements. Any tonnage and ship’s size: part-cargo, coasters, handy or supramax, full laden panamax… Fixture records can be provided upon request.


Customized solutions. Carrying out a comprehensive analysis of each project, taylor-made, offering a full array of options, only possible and supported by our extensive experience and expertise, always, paying attention to the detail and competing with world leading MNC, with the confidence firmly supported by a solid cornerstone, forged by goals achieved amid all-weather economy conditions. Only that way we have been able to gain the trust and confidence from our customers and friends, that we have carefully grown across so many countries in five continents.

Seaborne transportation: Witnesses of the evolution of maritime transport since late 80’s

Thanks to the close commercial relationship consolidated with main shipowners and maritime operators over the years, we make available our valuable shipping background, mostly chartering ships ranging between 45,000 dwt to 63,000 dwt, for maritime transportation of all cargoes supplied to our partners. Employing bulkcarriers with the particulars and specifications needed in each case. According to customer’s need and ensuring the transport of goods for a safe and timely delivery according to the most demanding requirements. 85,000 tons of clinker being the largest tonnage so far loaded for one single customer.

As such, milestones in sea transport have been numerous and varied. Not so much because of the evolution of the types of ships, which obviously has occurred, but the larger distances and situations that vessels had to steam through.

Transport of cement is a special key factor in competitiveness. Inland displacement has a very high impact and determine the economic conditions in which a product can be shipped overseas if the plant is not at the seaport or nearby. But sea transport becomes essential when it comes to reaching certain destinations, especially for the transport of bulk cement, or in the case of the Clinker, to connect far away ports by employing Panamax or Ultramax vessels.

Facts at a glance

At CEMCO, we are not only aware of the importance of all factors favoring a competitive and efficient service, nonetheless we have been directly involved in some of the milestones in this field. From the first shipments by self-discharging cement carriers from Mediterranean ports in Spain, Italy or Greece, to north African destinations like Egypt, Libya or Algeria, for regular supply of cement to large infrastructure projects in those countries. Also first clinker shipments from the Far East to Europe during late 90’s, or the introduction of large shipments into the Caribbean islands from as far as China, Indonesia, Egypt or Turkey, at the beginning of this century, or the most recent imports into countries for long time inaccessible to competitive priced cement or clinker, such as Mexico, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi or Burundi, areas where CEMCO has pioneered the introduction of clinker and cement, and which have already firmed up and settled as very active and competitive regions in this regard. All destined to market growth, self-sufficiency, and sustainability, which should stand as a major challenge for all of us.


Our experience and approach bring real added value to our customers.

Customized solutions: CEMCO designs and provides tailor-made solutions fitting all needs.

International trade of cement, clinker and other rraw materails, cementituous or solid fuels for the industry is a highly demanding and competitive activity, which requires a deep knowledge of the markets and how each of them behaves in respect to evolution of demand and growth. Only a comprehensive knowledge and close relationship with the main operators and agents in a global scale (manufacturers, shipbrokers, shipowners, stevedores, port authorities, forwarders, surveyors, etc…) will enable us to achieve desired goals in a precise and competitive manner.

Every moment deserves a special attention and supervision: from production, storage, inland transport, handling during cargo, shipping, unloading at the port of destination, again its storage or transport to customer’s or third party’s premises… all of it requires a high degree of expertise, sensitivity and perspective.